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knuckles or sonic

2009-05-18 15:28:25 by jonicvsmario

if sonic and knuckles were in a battle who do you think would win?

knuckles or sonic


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2009-05-18 15:30:38

knucles. i own the sega game.


2009-05-18 15:37:15

knuckles can: glide, punch through brick walls, spin attack like sonic, and (atleast in the original games) run as fast as sonic.
sonic can: spins (but less distance and damage then knuckles), and runs like one inch per hour more than knuckles.
its a tough choice but I guess knuckles


2009-05-18 16:30:00

ignore that guy, he's like that to everyone
and as for your post-neither. Sega's games suck and Sonic died when they tried to make a remake of the Original Sonic the Hedgehog

jonicvsmario responds:

thanks kitten-of-annoyance but why do you think sega sucks? message me
to tell me why


2009-06-13 10:12:44



2009-06-27 12:20:05

Yo Mama